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Heidi Eisenhauer

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Native Plant Craze

Where has Heidi been?  Gardening... database developing.. and well walking in forests looking and photographing native plants. I went a lil wild about native plants and habitat gardening. 

what I do..

I Produce Manuals

Have you begun to formulate your policies but have come to standstill of how to move forward?  I can help.  I have developed HR manuals and policies for start up companies and large organizations wanting to create a new corporate environment.

I Develop Programs

Supposing you want to branch out to form international chapters or create a local annual event, I can bring the team together to make it happen.

I Facilitate

Are you working through change? Developing new strategies to move forward.  I will work with your team individually and as a group to reach a baseline that you may all jump off to reach a mutually beneficial goal.

I Support Teams

I love working with passionate teams!  Assisting the smooth running systems and fixing problems that pop up from time to time.  I take a proactive stance on getting things done with a smile.



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