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Transferable Skill Sets and Major Accomplishments


  • Project Development and Implementation: Secured international organization memberships; founded a training centre
  • Volunteer Coordination: Trained and supported volunteer crew of over 250 annually with high retention
  • Conflict Resolution: Trained 30 students who instituted an in-house conflict resolution service in their school
  • Event Planning: Executed both urban professional and outdoor grassroots fundraisers, educational conferences and festivals

Organizational Management

  • Financial: Managed and balanced a $250,000 budget for 5 years
  • Intelligence Management: Developed systems for file meangement for off site team of 1,100
  • Facility and Human Resources: Implemented annual shared community kitchen for 5,000+ participants
  • Marketing and Media Relations: Launched identity and press campaign; designed and established online presence


  • Facilitation: Led a multi-cultural violence prevention group reducing tension between street gangs and students
  • Community Activism: established a youth HIV/AIDS / adulterant harm reduction and volunteerism program
  • International Awareness: Volunteered in Bangladesh for 14 months using a rights based, participatory approach
  • Media Outreach: Featured on 60 Minutes and National News Magazine
  • Food Security: Community kitchen development, street youth and homeless programming
  • Counseling: trauma, sexual abuse, refugee entry, interpersonal, child and family


  • Marketing and Media Relations: Launched identity and press campaign; designed and established online presence 
  • Networking: Facilitated 5 day training for 14 Executive Directors on Programs from Proposals to Management
  • Print Production: Produced 400 page book with hundreds of contributors and 8 designers
  • Logistics: Coordinated team for national conference for Best Practice sharing from inception through to accommodation
  • Fund Raising: Assisted in securing a 1,000,000 grant from UNDP


  • Meeting Packages: Developed board/staff welcome packages, agendas, professional meeting minutes, financial reports, and action item follow up.
  • HR Process: Analyzed HR processes and presented customized behavioral interview questionnaires which were rolled out while hiring 100 new staff
  • Policy and Procedures Manual: Facilitated the development process and creation of organizational wide manual over 4 executive retreats
  • Employee Handbooks: Filtering through 2,000 pages of policy created a user friendly reference manual for staff
  • International Chapter Manual: Produced a manual and procedure forms which were distributed to 30 chapters
  • Governance and Succession Policy: Documented and produced reports for new policy approval which stemmed from Board retreat
  • Community Kitchen Sanitation Manual: Procedure and Practice Manual: Developed for the use by kitchen staff in response to provincial health officials request
  • Content Rich Day-timer: Brought together 8 designers and researchers to create a 400 page product to be distributed to 5,000 participants

Computer Competencies

  • Word Processing: Microsoft Office 07/08 Suite and WordPerfect
  • Bookkeeping: Excel and Quick Books
  • Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing: Photoshop & Illustrator CS5, Quark 8, and PageMaker
  • Operating Systems: Macintosh, Palm, and Windows
  • Web Page Design: Joomla, Wordpress, Front Page, Dreamweaver CS5, CSS, HTML, PHP and Java
  • Database: File Maker Pro, Donor Perfect, AS400, Access, SQL, and ACT
  • Project Management: activeCollab, DotProject, Microsoft Office Project, Mindmap, Solve 360, and Visio


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