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Heidi Eisenhauer was born and spent the first 15 years of her life in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She has a diverse ethnic and cultural background with some members of her family arriving a settlers in Canada as early as 1702.She finished high school in Bradford, Ontario in 1992 and set out exploring.

She traveled with a group of individuals to rural settings and learned the basics of setting up a rural camp. Training in water sanitation and community kitchen design for groups as large as 25,000. This experience set her on a course to develop and facilitate rural community kitchens. This is where the initial ideas for KIND Kitchen were born.

The year was 1993 and Heidi began her studies in Child and Youth Work. Heidi's housemates throughout 1993 - 1996 encouraged her interest in food security and sustainable community development. These individuals included Jillian Hovey who went on to found The Sustainable Living Network and Emily Collette who co-founded KIND Kitchen and is an advocate with Family Association For Mental Health Everywhere.

Heidi took a brief sabbatical once completing her diploma in Child and Youth Work and spent 5 months traveling and exploring Canada. She then settled in Lethbridge, Alberta for 6 months and took some time to work as a child advocate while going to school for entrepreneurial business studies.

Journeying back to Ontario she found herself working with David Griffith at Sustenance, a macrobiotic and living foods restaurant. Thought this experience she was lead to the study of energetic and holistic healing. Her ongoing love of whole foods education and community development brought forth a group of individuals with similar values and KIND Kitchen took form in full force. Along side she co-founded the OM Summer Solstice Festival, a large scale harm reduction project. Thousands of youth converged for a week long festival in an environment that encouraged freedom of thought and responsibility of action. This project endures today with a new board of directors.

KIND Kitchen was a unique project which set up potable water and created a framework to host a kitchen that could feed 5,000. The participants brought donations and the volunteers sorted, stored and prepared meals.

In 1998 Heidi chose to travel to San Francisco to pursue educational goals in urban agriculture, community arts coordination and harm reduction projects. She found large scale projects in each area and flourished. Organizations she became involved with were:

  • · CELLspace a unique community arts project. The 10,000 sq' space hosted an internationally recognized gallery, community IT training centre, kitchen, garden, craft space, print stations, metal shop, wood shop, workshop space and sound studio. CELLspace had 13 committees and a volunteer base of 2000 individuals.
  • · DanceSafe a project which provided non judgmental harm reduction information to at risk youth. She was responsible for developing and implemented the international chapters program. This program recruited and trained 30 new programs and volunteer teams.
  • · San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners a project to train SF residents in reducing urban waste. She trained to be a trainer and gave hundreds of composting workshops and worked with at risk individuals on violence prevention programs.
Throughout her time in San Francisco she virtually coordinated KIND Kitchen and the OM Summer Solstice festival.
Upon her return in 2000 she continued to work on both projects while working with M-DO and the Toronto Tabla Ensemble a cross cultural arts organization. She continued her studies of the Spanish language during these years. Heidi concluded her studies in International Development Management while working as an project coordinator.

From 2007-2008 she worked as an Organizational Development Advisor with Volunteer Service Oversees (VSO/CUSO) in Bangladesh. The program lead to working with  Shushilan and it's 14 local network partners. Along with reporting to CIDA, WHO and the UNDP through monitoring and evaluation activities. She managed to organize a couple side projects while there and founded Bangladesh Animal Cares and the Bangladesh Tiger Widows project - both projects are seeking ongoing funding.

Upon returning to Canada, Heidi worked with SERVE! engaging youth for change: a program which engages diverse youth in experience-based education, teamwork and community involvement so that they may establish personal direction, overcome obstacles, achieve goals and become involved citizens and leaders. She was responsible for coordinating Serve!'s annual gala which raised over $100,000.

Following her passion for the environment she worked with Environmental Defence as an Administrative and Events Coordinator. Charged with concurrent office move, capital renovations, annual gala, silent and live auctions, 21 stop campaign tour, cross country media launch, and managing project budgets.
She found the North American Native Plant Society through a seedy Saturday event and has been volunteering with them since 2009.  She joined the board in 2012 but quickly resigned as she was hired to coordinate a variety of projects as their Operations Coordinator.
She is currently working as an administrative consultant with CNK Consulting with a variety of NGO's and small businesses building websites in Joomla and Wordpress, coordinating events and working as a 'fixer'.
Heidi is currently seeking permanent meaningful work within an established organization to expand her knowledge of functional business models and systems.

Heidi's travels have taken her:

  • · To every province and territory in Canada excluding Nunavut and Newfoundland
  • · To every state in the USA excluding: Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas
  • · Bangladesh
  • · Belize
  • · Bermuda
  • · Costa Rica - throughout the country
  • · Dominican Republic
  • · England
  • · Honduras
  • · India
  • · Israel
  • · Kuwait
  • · Mexico - Yucatan Peninsula - ISLA Mujeres, Tulum, Costa Maya
  • · Thailand
  • · Turks & Caicos
  • · Trinidad
  • · United Arab Emirates

Heidi's interests include:

  • · Book binding
  • · Painting with oil, acrylic and mixed medium
  • · Wood engraving and printing
  • · Wood carving
  • · Gardening
  • · Reading & Graphic Novels
  • · Contemporary and Women's art through the ages
  • · Home Renovations
  • · Cycling, yoga, hiking and snorkeling


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