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Where is it?? I can never figure it out without a map in front of me.. but I love this place and the LPBO ..

I always left Canada to go bird watching now.. I have learned of the warbler!! the best little birds around.. they have beautiful songs and play in our woods close to home.. there is a 300 pg book dedicated to them.. This year if we are not too late in booking .. we are going to Point Pelee.. but it seems to be the birding destination of choice for #springmigration and well.. I am not fond of birding in crowds... flashbacks of campsite 389 come back.. 30 birders huddled around waiting for a Kirtland's Warbler to return.. really would you return?  Well I did when only 1 other birder was present.. and she called out 35+ species and I oohed and awwed.. ahh.. longpoint.. standing still is a pleasure..

I have a life list.. (in my Peterson's)   I love the thrill of seeing them play in their natural surrounding.. and figuring out what they are..

I think these little warblers are why I got into native plants.. had to do with finding that "tree" Julia Butterfly spoke about.. If we do not create 'green corridors' then what are they to eat during spring & fall migration through our cities?
 They should be called 'brown corridors' for it is the seeds they need and we are into manicuring and trimming back everything from roadsides to gardens.

Our gardens are alive in the winter - hosting amphibians, pollinators, small mammals along with the birds that overwinter.  If we leave our native seed heads we will have a beautiful textured landscape while providing some much needed habitat & sustenance.   


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