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Tommy Thompson Park Hiking

A hiking group has started up again.. it is nice to go out with a pack..

We were loaded with binoculars and went duck hunting..

we heard them before we even came close to water and they are unmistakable.. long tails - sooo loud..

  • red breasted merganser
  • goldeneye
  • common merganser
  • bufflehead
  • redhead (not to be confused with the female goldeneye)
  • American Wigeon
  • Cinnamon Teals
  • swans
  • gulls (of many, many varieties)
  • mockingbird (there were disagreements for I only knew the northern variety)
  • chickadee
  • starlings & sparrows of course

I got super excited because both the mergansers and the goldeneyes were doing mating dances and we got to witness a female picking a male from the crowd! (I even did dances to demonstrate.. which was a show in itself..)

Some other bird nerds saw a wood cock which excited everyone.. and we found ourselves in the bush trying to flush it.. looking back... oh my don't tell anyone that .. for I'm sure that is not allowed... gosh..


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