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A little container gardening research

Well it's time to plant my new balcony.. so I'm planning my long term garden..some research to start..


Be mindful

  • pot size to plant ratio - along with heigh - front to back
  • Drainage - holes  & Ballast for drainage - broken pots/ceramics/rocks
  • Watering - balance to maintain moist
  • Airation - after cycle of fast growing plants remove roots and airate for next crop
  • Vegetables with shallow roots – such as lettuce, radishes and herbs – can grow in as little as 20 centimetres (8 inches) of soil.  More productive plants, such as tomatoes, bush beans and squash, need deeper and larger pots.
  • Soil - Outdoor garden soil is just too heavy for pots so a soiless mix like Nature Mix Container Soil, a certified organic mix.
  • fertilize once a month with fish or seaweed emulsion

Pot size to plant

  • Large plants (Basil, Broccoli, Florence fennel, tomato etc) = 1 per square
  • Medium large plants (lettuce, beets, parsley, celery etc) = 4 per square
  • Medium - small plants (spinach, spring cabbage etc) = 9 per square foot
  • Small plants (carrots, turnip, onions etc) = 16 plants per square foot

Some square foot gardening info


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