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native plant seed bombs - ideas for fall planting

So seeds are everywhere.. I have been collecting and will be getting a few extra's from native plant enthusiast friends for a fall seed bombing.. If you are going to do a little seed bombing of your own.. buy a seed mixtures of native flowers and plants from local seed providers - or collect native seeds using the 10% rule.

 Why native plants?  They grow without human intervention (watering), they will not crowd out other plants, disrupt bird and insect populations, or do other environmental damage. Note: garden wildflower packs are not usually native and may contain cultivars which are alien invaders.

Here are some sites and recipes..


Research has shown the recipe that seems to have the best germination rate..1 part seeds, 1 part clay, 1 part coffee grounds, 8 parts soil and 1 part water - shade drying 24/48hr

 video - different (standard recipe) sun drying 24hr


newspaper hearts - some say this is not the best protection from birds..

seed soaking

6 recipes - including explosive eggs, biodegradable balloons and seed pills

community projects

pimp our pavement & guerrilla gardening tourism

kids from Detroit

Tel Aviv holiday adventure



vending machines & regional seed bombs



grenades - including city pollinator limited edition

sprouting earrings

wedding favours

Large scale projects

literal seed bombs & aerial reforestation.. dates back to 1930


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