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Ok... so I thought I should write out the story of our excursion with the house..

We bought a triplex April 09 and took posetion July 3, 2009.

We knew from the start we had to replace the roof over the kitchen, the deck and the bathroom floor... By the time we took posession - Jule's Mom got us new new kitchen cabinets and we were ready with sledge hammers and crowbars to have friends and family demo the kitchen and bathroom that first weekend.

Eric Demoing the kitchenEric & Holly had the bathroom tile & floors done in hours.. there were 2 sub floors thank goodness for the 1st melted away like hot cheese.. then Eric started on the kitchen tiles - which were glued on with adhesive.. Not to mention the cupboards were installed on-site and were a handyman's special.. so simpal demo - no..

Then I had a smart idea to just check to see how easy it would be to remove one brick.. of the faux brick wall that surrounded the kitchen.. It was easy.. mabey a little too easy.. and we ripped it out.. but when Devon got to the back wall.. well.. that's where this whole demo started.. We found FIRE..

Since we hadn't found an attic hatch Cale (from Duguey's Works - who was working on the new deck)  suggested we cut a hole where we wanted to create a hatch & look in the attic to see how extensive the fire damage up he went.. and it was everywhere.. Cale checking out the atticSo that lead to opening up the kitchen in the ceiling.. where we found more fire damage.. 

At this point we hired Laura, Devon, Buno & his brother to help us out and my sis was off work so she was there everyday..

we called in an engineer to see how bad it actually was... Well he came at Cale's recomendation.. and asked to look at the beam (which we had started to remove the cedar shingles..He discovered it was just a drywall box.. there was no beam supporting the roof.. just some 2x4's ..

Holly taking  down the wall.. Oh i forgot.. I leaned on the 2nd bedroom wall and it moved a bit so Cale, Holly, Devon & I did a little exploration.. and discovered it was not a supporting wall.. just aluminum.. so down it went to become an open living room.. well it was suppose to be a support wall according to the engineer.. and the evidence was discovered at the top.. where they had just cut the wall and left the beam hanging and bending..

The engineer perscribed one 6'x15" steel beam and three 2x6" glued and laminated together to replace the bowing beam in the living room. We waited for the drawings.. all the while removing cedar shakes and pine floorboards from the walls.. no report came.. and as we prepped for them.. we found more drywall boxes where posts should be.. another engineer was called..

He got up in the attic and found that where support beams were or should be there were no walls or joists holding them.  He went over the house and explained everything to us.. 3 beams missing/not supported.. fire damage throughout the upper part of the house.. $500 later.. and again nor report.. he was not comforatable putting a solution on paper.. That was the end of my 2 week vacation.. I was tired and we had no choice but to look into an engineer who would tell us how to support our house.. Our move-in date was postponed and we asked for another couple months from our rental..


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