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Costa Rica

central parkDay 1 Alajuela We few in and set up camp at a cute little hotel.. right across from a museum..

Day 2 Alajuela explored town .. at the centre of town was a park and church... as it was Sunday mass was on ... with an orchestra and the church overflowed.. children played and Alana and I played cards and relaxed. Visited the local markets and bought fruits and pastries. Spent the evening with 2 folks at the hotel and learned some spanish slang and things like muy calor means I'm horny ... not I'm hot.. lol.. '

hostel Day 3 Monteverde We headed by tico bus to the park.. and to tina's cantena... but ended  up next door.. at a beautiful little hostel.. with our own bathroom.. and hot water.. luxury.. off to the insect museum.. to see beetles the size of my hand crawling around.. and spiders 30x more poisonous than black widows.. Alana took a million pictures.. which when we get home I'll post on my site.. Then a little night walk through the jungle.. first a teeny little frog.. almost white. then a tarantulas, sloths, and s tick bugs mating.. the finally a pit viper - bright green with a streak of yellow along its side...



Day 4 Monteverde Up at 5 and on the tico bus to the park.. we were going to hike in and camp in the forest.. but somehow left our food at the hostel and decided that this was a sign that it was not meant to be.. so we stayed for $15 right in the park.. bunk beds.. :) Off on a guided tour.. I have not mentioned the foliage but I don't know if I can do any of it justice.. when a fern is 6-7'and my house plants are the undergrowth for trees which toucIMG_0251.monteverde.taranchula copyh the heavens... so what creatures .. hmm.. Quezela - which is named the most beautiful bird in the world blue and green.. the males have long plumes that come down like tales and these fall off after the mating season.. we saw both sexes.. and they are beautiful! We heard bell birds, saw a pack of howler monkeys playing in the trees near the soda, and then some caterpillars and spiders. We decided since orchids are so hard to spot we would explore the orchid museum.. and were presented with magnifying glasses and jewelers glass... the orchids were teeny and breathtaking.. many were in bloom.. we had dinner in the flower of life veggie restaurant.. and hiked home 3km Costa Rican km.. which is really 6k .. with the forest as our canopy... we slept in the forest .. with a symphony of creatures..

volcano arenal

Day 5 Volcano Arenal Howler Monkeys woke me at 5am.. and we traveled jeep-boat-jeep to arenal.. Lake fortuna was surrounded by mountains with cormorants sunning and cranes sleeping.. We settled at Hotel Dorathy by Diago.. our friend in Alejela's suggestion.. for $6 a night... and Noel.. our host hooked us up on a tour.. and arranged for our travels up until this point that I am writing... and we decided to treat ourselves to a little massage and body treatment for a couple hours... We got to see the volcano errupt and spray rocks down the side of the mountain.. it was clear.. and we were sooo lucky.. :) We went on a hike of the volcano and saw many birds.. parrots, toucans, owls and a few that I can't remember but it was a bird watchers paradise.. then some spider monkeys eating and playing.. and a teeny baby .. soo cute.. Then we sat our little bums in volcanic waters .... hmmm.. soo warm .. and soothing.. we drank fruity drinks by the bar with the girls.. and laughed and shared.. then we all went out for a little dinner back in the town of Arenal.. I came back to Hotel Dorothy and practiced my Spanish with a couple tico boys..

bus to tortuguero Day 6 Tortegaura The journey was the adventure.. a tico bus bumping and bouncing through the forest.. and banana, pineapple and .... plantations. Then IMG_0815 alana tortuguero river copydown a dirt road to a tico blue and pink long boat that wove for 1.5 hours through the shallow river (occasionally getting stuck) with the forest hanging over.. this was so breathtaking.. the layers of jungle reminded me of what I have seen in like crocodile dundee or the like.. the sounds of the forest was like a 110 deciple sound system.. with a great base bin.. lol We landed and hooked up with a night turtle walk.. and stayed in wonderful hotel tortuguero ... so.. the turtles.. we saw 4 climbing the beach.. in our black clothing we watched.. and waited to see if one green back would lay her eggs.. but she had a little trouble with the roots.. these creatures.. are huge and magnificent!

peurto vijeo Day 7 Porta Viajo So it was a short stay .. and off we went down the river again.. hmm. with 4 packs of howler monkeys screeching at us... and throwing things.. then a flock of 6 IMG_1009.peurtovijeo.accomodations copymacaws flew overhead.. and an unknow huge bird on the beach.. but I need to find out what it was.. then back on the tico bus.. and a transfer.. and hmm.. there was the one about the guy who lost his chicken. but that's another story.. we arrived in a new paradise and got our own rustic cabana which reminds me of the little cabana I stayed in.. in Mexico.. we are here for the beach and are staying for the rest of the week... La costa de papito.. loving it! there is art and music here and we watched movies at a local soda last night and drank beers and ate a giant mound of tacos.. :) it's been amazing.. and continues to be.. as the adventures are going on and on.. now to the extreme chilling.. this town reminds me of a jamacian town... the carribean feel is around.. and bob's face is everywhere.. ok i have to get off.. I'm hogging it.. copyDay 8 Porta Viajo hmm.. just 2 days ago and I am having trouble remembering.. days are like months.. lets see.. I know we rented bikes.. rode around town .. checking out what was up.. Alana got some gifts.. we played in the surf.. body surfing.. the ticos were surfing.. but the waves were no taller than 5'which doesn't make for very good surf.. but awesome body surfing... in the evening we headed to El Loco Natural.. but they seat like 30 and it was packed.. so we went down the road and found a live reggae band - bob covers.. but fun.. ... had a little pizza... and made our way home..


Day 9 Puerto Uva So we rented a couple bikes and rode out about 8Km.. to a beach punta uva quiet little beach.. we built a lean-to to protect us from the sun and we read a narnia book to each other.. every time we were warm we played in the waves.. and somehow.. we forgot to put on sunscreen.. so a couple lobsters emerged from the edge of the forest.. lol.. We went for lunch and got a cosada.. (which is the typical plate) which usually runs 1000-2000 colonies.. but we ordered snapper.. and got a whole spiny fish.. hmm.. for 3000 colones.. which is about $6.. with rice and beans, plantain fritters, beets, salad, dessert.. and a couple drinks.. Then up 200' to a butterfly garden.. but it was a Costa Rican 200metres.. which is like 600 really .. and straight up.. hmm.. well it was fun.. and got to see many stages of butterfly's.. big and small.. and a real treat was to be shown by the homeowner.. a humming bird nest.. with a teeny little egg in it.. the nest looked like a guava .. with moss growing on its edges.. For the evening we went back to charlies.. and watched movies on the big screen.. cast away.. which left me home sick.. but there is nothing like watching movies with the rain coming down..

IMG_0113 humming bird nest copyDay 10 Manzanilla So up at 6 to go snorkling.. we took the local bus.. and I thought I should document how much things cost in another post cause.. we've done this on the supder cheep and traveled in tico style.. so the 1/2 hour bus trip cost 300 colonies.. which is just over 50 cents.. We got off the bus had a little tea.. met our first Torontonian.. and walked across the street and rented snorkel gear.. We were a little nervous.. I'd never snorkeled without a guide.. but a silver haired woman suggested we go to the tower and walk/swim out.. so we dropped our bags at the rental shop and headed out to the reef.. a spectrum of colors.. and creatures.. big and small .. enemanes that glowed and coral that looked like trees... simply amazing.. A little lunch.. and back to la costa de papito.. for a little chilling.. it's our first overcast day.. and the beach is quiet.. think well go mail some post cards and I want to pick up a hammock.. they are super cheep.. now the decision.. nylon which packs to the size of my rain gear or cotton.. hmm.. we'll see.. I love the public bus.. it's never more than 1000 colonies.. and it is easy and fun.. an adventure in every journey with ticos that always want to help.. if you are unsure of your way.. To date we have taken just under 2000 pictures.. so I will have some work uploading upon my return.. :)

IMG_0035.lastnightoutmanzinillo copyDay 10 Evening Alana did a little gift buying.. we watched a little up in smoke while eating a little tuna.. and then went to the local reggae night at the bamboo.. it was quiet.. then poof everyone came out of the woodwork.. and a beautiful beach side candle light club came alive.

Day 11 San Jose So we woke to our neighbors being loud.. then found out we had some issues on both our visas.. our little massage place triple charged both of us.. so a scramble on the solstice we had.. but it all worked out.. San Jose is crazy.. I can only compare it to New York.. because.. it is sooo busy.. and my heart was racing.. the traffic.. the people.. the central parks had live bands.. so we stopped to hear some local folk and local punk! now were at the backpackers hostel.. and there are movies and a pool.. and it's $11 a night.. Tomorrow we will tour the museums.. Day 11 San Jose June 21 So we woke early to our neighbors being loud.. and decided to get up anyway.. and run around getting ready.. I wanted to head to the beach.. but we got on the internet.. and found out that the massage place triple charged both our credit cards so.. to make a long teadious story short.. we spent 4 hours on the phone and managed to transfer money from different accounts.. and ended up with enough to finish our journey in reasonable comfort.. ;) So all that before 11 am.. and off on a little airconditioned bus.. a teeny bit of extravagence.. then to the San Jose Backpackers hostel for $21 a private room.. with a pool.. restaurant, free internet and tea... We headed downtown.. to listen to bands for the solstice festival.. a little folk a little girl punk.. and off to bed..

Day 12 San Jose.. We wandered the national museum.. it was amazing.. I didn't realize the extent of the indigenous culture here.. metal smithing, gold, pottery, barial toumbs.. and so much more.. <>Then to a contemporary gallery.. with work that reminded me of work.. then to the national contemporary museum.. with an artist in progress.. the emense diversity of his work.. astounded me.. it was from living plants, to photos, paintings, writing, and print.. a gymnasium sized exibit.. Then back downtown for a little wander.. we had to go to the bus terminal for we left our passports at the last hotel.. but it all worked out.. and we met up with Ayla who I met at MWMF last year.. the world is this big.. () more bands.. and some parks. Everyone says that San Jose is scary.. but I found everyone friendly.. we wandered the whole city and didn't run into any sketch..

Day 13 homeward bound We ran out to the post office with a new friend from Israel..and got some tasty treats.. went back to the hostel and had a little tea and off to the airport.. the journey home was long.. for upon arriving in Miami.. there was a big lightning storm and we were held over for hours.. Glad to be home! :) Notes: I love the Costa Rican public bus and transport system.. it's never more than 1000 colonies.. and it is easy and fun.. an adventure in every journey with ticos that always want to help.. if you are unsure of your way.. To date we have taken just over 2400 pictures.. so I will have some work uploading very soon!.. :)


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