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Thailand Adventures

Day 1 Dec 30/07 Arrived in Thailand... I took Jule's advice and searched around for the local taxi... got my voucher.. this was mostly financial as I arrived with access to only 500 BT :) Jules did not however and got a luxury ride.. Arrived at the Davis Boutique hotel - what luxury! The first thing I did was run a huge deep tub with hot water.. wrap myself in a fluffy robe and settle in to some english movies on the teli.. Jules arrived 4 hours later.. with awe of the surroundings :) Day 2 Dec 31
  • We ate at the hotel & admired the luxury.
  • Took a taxi to the river tour and saw many wonders: Golden Buddha, Royal Barge, hundreds of giant carp swimming along side the boat, palace of the king, floating market and all on a sunny warm day.
  • at Pho for 2 at 50 Bt
  • being the geek that I am.. I wrote out a Thai cheat sheet - we used it occasionally when in need
  • tuckered out we ordered room service in
  • then headed to the Suan Lum Night Bazaar - thousands of little shops we bought some t-shirts & a beach bag... all the while a huge thai party was happening just steps away.. which we avoided!
Day 3 Jan 1, 2008
  • Breakfast & coffee & nap
  • Then off to Phak Chong for an adventure in Khao Yai National Park
  • The folks at Khao Yai Garden Lodge picked us up from the bus stop
  • Our lodging was simple but hot water and the gardens went on and on.. each day we discovered new hidden spots
  • Yummy food, free internet & friendly helpful staff
  • We booked a tour and went to sleep early
Day 4 Jan 2 More to come.. 30 days of journeling to transcribe..


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