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what a day.. Happy Valentines

I found amra curled up in a weird spot last night, so I called to him and he opened his eyes and crawled into my lap .. immediately falling asleep.. He was so warm, I tried to wake him.. but he couldn't even lift his head.. I got out my cat supplies.. amoxicilin, and children's vitamins c .. made up a syringe of 1/8 a capsul and 1/2 a vitamin c... mixed with water.. he didn't even fight.. and fell immediately asleep.. he slept on me all night and never woke when I moved him.. this was sooo worrisome.. Then at 5 am I sat straight up for no reason and up jumped Amra and darted across the room.. eating and drinking.. like nothing ever happened.. but then the coughing started.. so all my research on cat colds last night .. I came to the conclusion that in order to avoid a secondary respiratory infection.. I should continue with the antibiotics.. if only I could find a reference that truely gave dosage... I am just winging it here in Bangladesh.. maybe the next time in Dhaka I can convince the vet to give me some advice.. as they use human medicines on cats here anyway.. except for the vaccines of course.. I think I forgot to mention (of course I have not really written about Thailand yet) that upon my return from Thailand.. Khella had adopted mitu.. and my neutered cat is nursing him as I type.. very cute indeed! Amra is well now.. I however woke with a full blown head cold and the weird out of no where skin rash I had, in my sleep yesterday turned into a wet scabby mess .. and today it is so sore I went to the hospital.. the dr gave me 3 kinds of medicine and told me to come back in 2-3 days if it is not all better.. so then I came home .. & proceeded to be ill while sitting in my chair with no notice.. fun.. so overall I am having a mixed day.. I am house hunting too.. but the director is pressuring me to stay in their selected places.. I don't know about all this.. well what to do.. just rest I guess.. but there is lots of work on my to-do list for the day.. Happy Valentines..


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
~ Henry Ford


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~ Joe Paterno


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~ Thomas Edison 


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