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Dhaka for June

 So it seems I only write when I am in Dhaka.. for we have power 24/7 .. and there is a generator in case the grid goes down.. In Khulna I get power for 1/2 the day.. and I am thankful most of that is in the evening so I may sleep in comfort. Update.. and points of interest.. One day I looked at the grass and thought to myself.. they must have used a lawnmower.... then I laughed out loud... goats.. cows duck.. these are the lawnmowers.. silly.. I moved downstairs.. which is a huge relief! I have space to move.. a patio and a space for khela's things... a couch and chairs.. i ordered a bookshelf made by a local handy man.. and curtains.. 2 aloe Vera plants and a jasmine bush.. so away to the races.. now to convince everyone that I am good at the guest house.. My work is going tremendously.. I feel like the luckiest person.. Many VSOB volunteers have issues in organisational change.. but Shushilan seems to embrace change.. I have begun to understand the scope of the organisation and have begun working with the executive staff on policy and organisational transformation.

The PDG training I was here in Dhaka for was a Professional Development Group.. we focused on interview techniques, IMF and WB and how the policies will effect Bangladesh in the coming years.. No one let me know that I had a meeting in Dhaka on the 10th.. so I left Khela with folks that would look after her.. but 3 days is different than 7.. so TIB (This is Bangladesh) once again.. not being informed of projects.. I will post more pictures later.. I took tons in the market today.. but alas as they were about to kill a little goat, I had to run.. I was corrected last eve on calling Dhaka an anthill.. and after watching the African driver ants documentary on the discovery channel at my hotel yesterday.. this analogy is all wrong.. ants are consistent and there is a definite order.. Here in Dhaka.. order is everywhere.. but I cannont see or understand it.. the roads have no lanes and the taxis , rickshaw and CNG's just honk their way around cars, pedestrians and buses..

PS I just wanted to expand on my hotel.. which is smaller than my bathroom in Toronto and costs 400tk or $6CND a day.. but cable is a bonus.. nothing like watching a little documentary b4 bed..

I see that Brandon and Lisa are expecting their first little one.. and I send a big squish.. xxx

other Bangladesh info.. there are no copyright laws here.. so movies, programs, soft drinks and name brand items.. all on the cheap.. movies.. 80tk and computer programs from 50tk (average) to 1500 for mac final cut pro..

my rash is prickly heat rash.. very common here.. but the Canadian Dr. at the British high commission could not figure it out. .so I shall by some powder and invest in an ice cube tray..

The rains have started and the city shut down last eve.. taxi's refused fairs.. so it took James, Brynn and i 1 1/2 hours to get home.. well they dropped me.. I am finding it hard to be around some volunteers this time.. for I feel weird being positive.. about my placement.. and I find myself digging for dirt I can complain about.. Sarah (who is leaving soon and is my Khulna phone buddy) has been kind enough to deal with hearing and giving advice for little issues.. I feel overall i am settling in.. and enjoying daily life.. It is hard to think of home.. and not feel a longing.. and not miss those that are special to me.. but.. alas.. this is the path I have chosen.. and I must stay positive..


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