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First week in Bangladesh

I just returned from my exposure visit in panchbebe.. 8hours north of Dhaka with the indigenous people.. it was amazing.. and an eye opener! Mud houses, straw roofs, animals living just outside.. for there is no land.. and everyone worrying about the rainy season .. for many of the homes in the area will be wiped out when the monsoons come.. but as there are 140 million people.. there is no land to move to... I love it here so far although.. since I did not come with the first round of volunteers or the 2nd.. I am alone in my induction.. private language lessons and only 7 instead of 14.. and I have been finding my own way around.. but everyone is friendly and helpful.. There is only malaria in one part of the country but there is a lot of Denge in Dhaka.. tomorrow and the next day are holidays here.. so I get a little break... wander the markets if they are open.. visited some development project which were CIDA funded .. I want to say scathing things.. for they took the money built the buildings but are not staffed... I shall write a couple letters.. corruption is rampant in the org I visited.. animals here are treated worse than even the poorest of the poor people.. I actually saw a man run his rickshaw over a dogs legs on purpose and everyone laughed.. All the dogs and cats fend for themselves.. starving.. saw a dead kitten yesterday :( .. traci who is one of my mentors took in a dog with 3 legs due to a birth defect.. the amenates are simple .. the mattresses are 2" thick on boards if you are rich.. nothing that we would consider the basics in Canada are taken for granted.. hope you are all well.. assalamalykhum namaste h


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