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waiting in khulna

Waiting in Khulna so again.. Its stifling hot here.. and the thunder roars.. and I can hear showers in the distance.. I have brought in my blankets from airing on the line (mold and mildew are an everyday concern). On the 25th of September I applied for compassionate leave with my VSO Programme Officer.. then with my Director.. it went through channels and I waited.. with news to wait for the Country directors return.. I got news today.. I have been approved from VSOB for leave.. now another red tape hurtle.. I must be approved from the London Office.. all this while I wait and wait.. I heard cats crying outside my patio.. a new cat has appeared.. and out popped the one who was deathly ill when Priya and Kevin were visiting.. but after a month of steady food. It looks better today.. he's missing a lot of teath though but all his sores have healed.. I fed them both.. and not soon enough as the rains have begun.. in steady downpour fashion.. I hope to have all settled tomorrow.. for my plane tickets must be purchased.. for I want to be in BC for October 8th.. so I may prepare for my fathers surgery on the 10th.. and have a quality visiting day.. Amra just came in.. he got caught in the rain.. Khella is not to be found.. probably hiding out somewhere.. completely shocked.. She came back in.. drenched to the bone.. as I toweled her off.. she purred the loudest I have ever heard.. now she is passed out.. sleeping beside me.  So with no current.. and my mobile battery now shesh.. I wait.. just when the current returned I received a call.. It is settled I fly to Canada.. TIB.. I  just got another call.. I shall wait.. until it is truely confirmed and my flight booked..


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