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Heidi's Flood Update & A way you can help for a $1 or less

Hello, Sorry for the partial repeat post but I am writing as the rain continues to fall here in Khulna. I love Bangladesh, the people are warm and welcoming. It is truly a host country.I know the news has reported on the flooding but I wanted you to know most of it is real (Dhaka is not an island)...

From Canada I imagine it is hard to fathom the mass displacement. We are a country of 32 million - when it is reported that 10 million are displaced it would be like Ontario moving to Manitoba or 38.9% of Canada's population being displaced... But here - Bangladesh with a land mass of 144,000 km² and a population of 134,376,684+ it has a smaller land mass than Ontario (917,741 km²).. you can only imagine... Just last night I feared I would wake to water flooding my home. The ponds are full, the sewers are full and I am sure with another days rain we will see water breaching the banks of our ponds and rivers in this region. I once believed we here in Khulna were safe from the flooding taking place in other regions. Now I am planning escape routes. The indigenous people of Bangladesh need our help for funds will not reach them with the scope of this crisis. The VSO volunteers and staff have created a fund. Every little bit helps-and a little bit goes a LONG way in Bangladesh. $1 = 66 taka which will buy one+ days groceries for an extended family.

My Calgarian friend will explain more below.. It's my birthday in the coming week ;) I don't need anything.. not even a card or birthday song ;) but I would appreciate any help you can give.. the flood fund is set up with paypal.. and think what $1 can do. Passing along this e-mail would be greatly appreciated along with your thoughts :) I took pictures of the flooding on my way into Khulna from Dhaka.. As you see here... this was a week ago.. and the rains have continued. It is wonderful to think of you today and I send warm thoughts. I am not worried for me.. so please don't.. I worry for my neighbors in mud huts. I have a boat in the garage in the middle of the city.... hmmmm.. privilege... and thoughts of global warming.. injoy & love, Heidi attached: WE NEED YOUR HELP! In early August 2007, the warning alarms began sounding-several of Bangladesh's many rivers were flowing high above their danger levels. A severe flood would be inevitable. Over the next few days, the waters came, displacing nearly 10 million people. The situation has now developed into a national disaster. We at VSO Bangladesh have volunteers in some of the worst-hit areas. We have therefore decided to raise some funds for the relief effort. For one month, from August 13 to August 30th. By donating to us, you can know that your money is reaching the people coordinating the effort more directly than donating to other sources. Every little bit helps-and a little bit goes a LONG way in Bangladesh. Click here for more information. 
Flood Fund Information lood-relief-fundraising/ How do I donate? VSO Volunteer Mikey Leung is facilitating the donations via secure payment gateway Paypal. You will need to register for a Paypal account when donating. Please prepare your credit card and click the button below. What you donate is of course up to you, and our suggested donation amount is $10 USD or five pounds sterling. We will contact our families and friends from abroad in the hopes of raising the necessary funds. What will happen with the money? VSO Bangladesh has chosen to direct its funds to two close partner organizations and continue its worldwide fundraising effort, in order to have more impact with its work. 1. VSO Bangladesh Staff donations Firstly, each of the VSO Bangladesh (VSOB) staff has chosen to donate part of their salary (average of three days each) to the relief effort. Funds raised in this way will support Gono Kalyan Sangstha, A VSOB partner organization based in Sirajganj, one of the worst hit areas of Bangladesh. Volunteer Pius Mulonzya works in this area, and narrowly averted having his office destroyed by the flooding (story below). 2. VSO Bangladesh Volunteers' Flood Relief Fund Money raised from the volunteers' fundraising effort will support the Bangladesh Advisasi Odhikar Andolan (BAOA, translated in English as the "Bangladesh Indigenous People's Rights Movement").VSO Bangladesh has an Indigenous Community Rights programme, in which we support these communities to demand their rights from the government. We have learned, through our contacts at BAOA, that there is a community of 2,500 indigenous families who have received virtually no relief from the government for various reasons. We have decided to support their effort in bringing food, oral saline solution and clean water to these communities. They have stated that they need about $5,000 USD to bring relief to all these families, and are also seeking funds from their partners at ActionAid Bangladesh . So far we have raised $803 USD. With days left to fundraise, we are a mere $200 away from our fundraising goal of $1,000 USD. Any extra funds raised will directly mean we can supply more food and relief to families who have had their homes and livelihoods destroyed by this year's flooding. Click here for more information. Once you have visited this page, click the "Make a Donation" button to donate. After that, please forward this message to anybody you think can help. On behalf of VSO Bangladesh's volunteers and staff, thank you for your assistance. Mikey Leung, IT Specialist Voluntary Services Overseas, Bangladesh This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yest those are trees.. and the water gets deeper in the fields...
I zoomed for this one.. for this farmers field is ... well they need a boat or have fled by now.. and this is a family of wealth..
where once there was land and farmers working.


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