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Luxury of $20

So this week... I had had enough.... of the mosquitoes which bite me 100's of times in a night, for my flat still has no mosquito netting and even though I have made a huge stink.. no one really understands for 3/4 of the population live without ... (and Alana you can half that number but it is still huge!!!!) I am a bedeshi with sweet, sweet blood.. and no amount of deet can save me.. :( but nothing that a shower and antihistamine can't cure in the middle of the night I do have my killer kitties which are best of friends now... and they are avid insect hunters.. it is their greatest pleasure.. Amra ( the new boy) hasn't got full use of his hind legs yet.. being only 3 weeks old.. but somehow he managed to outrun khalla for a 2" cockroach ... dragging himself along.. what a sight.. Oh ya.. the luxury of $20.. With this I got a hotel with hot and cold running water - WITH a bathtub!!!! yipee... and a king size bed.. and a/c and carpet and room service and a helper for the 4 rooms on the floor.. and you know what .. it was a wonderful treat... and a few drinks with friends.. and I was ready to brave the evening mosquitoes again.. but it also reminded me how I hate a/c.. and even in 30 degrees a fan can serfice.. but it was nice to cool the room down for 5 min before bed.. I made a resume for a rickshaw whala who had perfect spoken english.. it's a hard job.. and he was very nice.. :) I am off to Dhaka and India for the next 3 weeks. I need to renew my visa and get some dancing in... dreaming of mosquito netting and sending love


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~ Henry Ford


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~ Joe Paterno


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~ Thomas Edison 


The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side
~ Margaret Carty


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